Stefan Austermühle: Diplom Biologe der Phillips Universität in Marburg, deutscher Staatsbürger, lebt in Peru. Dreisprachig: englisch-deutsch-spanisch mit französisch-Grundkenntnissen; Zertifiziert von der International Coaching Community (ICC) hilft er freiberuflich anderen Menschen persönlich und beruflich zu wachsen. Direktor der peruanischen Meeresschutzorganisation Mundo Azul (Blaue Welt), mit 32 Jahren Berufserfahrung im Umweltschutz. Direktor des Interamerikanischen Institutes für Ganzheitliche Ökologie (INECI), eine peruanische NGO, die sich auf Nachhaltigkeit und Ökoefizienz spezialisiert. 17 Jahre Berufserfahrung in Ökoturismus. Buchautor, Filmemacher und Künstler
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Turismusentwicklung, Ausbildung und Turistenführung

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I love travelling. I am fascinated by history, as it teaches us so much about human nature, our success and our pitfalls. And ofcourse, being a biologist, what I like most is exploring nature. Tourism, without publishing secrets, is one of the most likely commercial fields for a biologist to work in. Therefore it might not come as a surprise that I have been involved in tourism for many years. I worked in the development of tourism products and destinations, in environmental certification of tourism companies, in training of tourism professionals, as manager of tourism companies and as well in direct contact with tourists as a guide, tour conductor and PADI Divemaster.

Please write me to if you want to hire me as:

  • Bird- or nature guide  (See my bird-life-list)
  • Tour conductor (I speak fluently German, English and Spanish and a basic level French)
  • fixer and scientific advisor for TV-productions on nature and tourism

I am also working as consultant on:

  • Tourism analysis and planning for tourism development
  • Capacity building and training of tourism actors and government representatives
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Consultingm assesing and certification in sustainability and eco-efficiency
  • Staff training on how to attend clients and how to master conflict situations and emergencies
  • Training of guides for birding and caving

My professional experience in tourism:

Tourist guide  with specialisation on birding and nature: from 1999 to today


CENFOTUR  (Center for Tourism Education), Lima, Perú – training of local boat drivers in birding, environmental services and quality in tourism service for CENFOTUR in cooperation with the Regional Government of  Ucayali

Speaker: ¨Sustainable tourism¨ in the third international toruism conference in Tarma


Vice-Ministry of Tourism, Peru – Design and implementation of a training seminar for local tourism actors in Callao port.

Vice-Ministry of Tourism, Peru – Consultant for writing the tourism guide book about marine and terrestrial destination in Callao area.


Kunay Consultores S.A.C. and  Sub-region Atalaya of the Regional Government of Ucayali, Peru

Trainer on sustainable tourism, treatment of garbage and sewage, client service in tourism, cave exploration and first aid in cave tourism for local tourism guides of two indigenous communites from the Ashaninca nation.

Speaker: ¨Tourism in caves – an opportunity for Peru¨ in the event ¨Tourism and native community development¨in the Academic School for Professionals of Administration in Tourism and Hotels of the University Cesar Vallejo Lima Este.

Speaker: ¨Identity of eco-tourism¨ in the Faculty of Geografic and Environmentla Ingeneers and Eco-tourism of the National University Federico Villarrreal

Speaker: ¨Eco-efficiency in the Peruvian company¨ in the Chamber of Commerce of Chimbote

Speaker: ¨Eco-efficiency in the Peruvian company¨ in the Chamber of Commerce of Trujillo

Speaker: ¨Eco-efficiency in the Peruvian company¨ in the University Antenor Orrego, Trujillo

Speaker: ¨Eco-efficiency in the Peruvian company¨ in the Chamber of Commerce of Chiclayo

Speaker: ¨Sustainable management and eco-efficiency in a tourism company¨ in the event: ¨Investigation and Technical Inovation in Tourism in the National University Federico Villareal

Speaker: ¨Sustainability in Tourism¨ in the conferenc on ¨Ecotourism and Sustainable development¨ at the University Ricardo Palma

Speaker: ¨Sustainability in Tourism¨ at the Second Fair on Tourism in the city of Tarma


Interamerican Institute for Integral Ecology (INECI) (2013 – present)

Executive Director and directly in charge of consulting Peruvian tourism companies in best environmental practices and eco-efficiency. Clients so far:

  • Hotel chain Libertadores (8 Hotels)
  • All Ways Travel Lago Titicaca S.A.C. (Tourism operator in Puno),
  • Carlos Expeditions (Tourism operator in Puerto Maldonado),
  • Lago Valencia Perú Ecológico (Tourism operator in Puerto Maldonado),
  • Explorandes S.A.C. (Tourism operator in Lima),
  • Inkafrog (Hotel in Lima)
  • Andino Club Hotel (Hotel in Huaraz)
  • Hacienda Santa Maria (Hotel in Tarma)
  • IFE Boutique Hotel (Hotel in Lima)
  • Restaurante Central (Restaurant in Lima)
  • Restaurante Bahía (Restaurant in Lima)
  • NorthPeru – travel Agency

Kunay Consultores S.A.C. and  Sub-region Atalaya of the Regional Government of Ucayali (2013)

Trainer on tourism service for local guides from two indigenous communities from the Ashaninca nation.

Speaker: “Sustainability in Tourism” at the conference “Sustainable Management in Tourism”, at the National University Mayor de San Marcos

Speaker at the event about the Day of the Environment in the Hotel Westin, Lima


CENFOTUR (Center for Tourism Education), Lima, Peru

Professor of course for tourist guides: Bird observation

CALTUR (National Plan for Quality in Tourism), Lima, Peru (2012)

  • Trainer for “Best Practice in Tourism Management for Aquatic Transport Companies”, May 2012, Paracas, Peru
  • Trainer for “Best Environmental Practice in Aquatic Transport Companies”, in Puerto Maldonado, in Iquitos and in Puno, Peru


UPC (University for Applied Sciences), Lima, Peru (2007 – 2014)

Professor for course: “Sustainable Tourism” and “Ecotourism”

Nature Expeditions SAC, Lima, Peru (2007 – 2014)

Co-Owner and General Manager

Peruvian marine ecotourism operator specializing on whale and dolphin watching, marine and terrestrial birding, sea kayak and scuba diving near Lima.

Mundo Azul / German Embassy (2007)

Project Director ¨Birding and dolphin watching as an alternative source of income for local fishermen in Pucusana port¨


Proexpansion-Copeme, Lima, Peru (July 2006 – July 2007)

Project for the improvement of the production capacities and local export industries

Scientific team leader from the Consortium Proexpansion-Copeme for the study of tourism development potentials in 12 coastal valleys of Peru for the governmental entity Proinversion. Responsible for research development and implementation, as well as relations with local and regional governments, community representatives and tourism stakeholders through a series of training and information workshops.

Mundo Azul / Humane Society International / PromPeru (2006)

Director de Proyecto de promoción de un turismo sostenible de avistamiento de cetáceos a nivel nacional.

Responsable para la organización de tres talleres regionales en Lima, Piura e Iquitos, desarrollo de una propuesta de estrategia de desarrollo de turismo de avistamiento de cetáceos a nivel nacional y organización de una conferencia internacional de turismo de avistamiento de delfines en Lima

Bonnepioche  (Julio-Agosto 2006)

Consejero científico y responsable para la producción a nivel nacional del documental “Los pescadores del Perú” de 45 minutos de duración para la televisión francesa, empresa productora Bonnepioche


INRENA & Pro Manu Project, Cusco, Peru (2004)

The former National Institute for Natural Resources (INRENA) was in charge of the management of natural protected areas in Peru, and Pro Manu Project, an NGO that was financed by the European Union for the elaboration of management tools for the Manu National Park and the Manu Biosphere Reserve.

Responsible Team leader for the elaboration of the “Plan for Tourism Development in the Manu Biosphere Reserve”.

INRENA, Cusco, Peru (2004)

Study: “Environmental impact and compliance of tourism operations with governmental regulations in the Manu National Park”

Speaker sobre “Ecoturismo – Amenaza u Oportunidad Para la Conservación” en la Feria Ecoturistica organizado por PromPeru en la Universidad San Marcos, Lima


Asociación Mundo Azul, Paracas, Peru (2003 to 2004)

Scientific Team-leader: “Site-plans for the tourism development of 4 beaches in the National Reserve of Paracas, Peru”, Mundo Azul in cooperation with Peruvian NGO Pro Naturaleza and funding from The Nature Conservancy

Asociación Mundo Azul, Paracas, Peru (2003 to 2004)

Scientific Team-leader: Study of tourism impact on marine and shorebirds, Mundo Azul in cooperation with Peruvian NGO Pro Naturaleza and funding from The Nature Conservancy

Universidad Agraria – La Molina (2000 – 2003)

Professor: Class on environmental impacts of tourism as part of Masters-degree-course on “Ecotourism”

Autor del artículo: “El ecoturismo marino como ingreso alternativo para pescadores artesanales y herramienta de conservación” en el boletín “Geográfico” año 4, nro 10, diciembre 2003 de la Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal.

Expositor sobre turismo ecológico como herramienta de conservación y desarrollo sostenible en el Foro: “Análisis de cambio de componentes del ecosistema peruano, afectando la calidad de la vida humana”, organizado por la ONG peruana Probioandes en cooperación con la Universidad Nacional Frederico Villareal.


Autor del artículo:  ¨Islas y Puntas Guaneras¨ en la revista turística peruana “Rumbos”

Autor del artículo: ¨Proyecto de desarrollo sostenible en Pucusana¨ en la revista turistica peruana “Rumbos”

Expositor sobre “Turismo y Pesca Artesanal” en un evento organizado por el Fondo Nacional de la Pesca Artesanal (FONDEPES), Lima


Asociación Mundo Azul, Paracas, Peru (2001)

Project-Director: Study on the environmental impact of tourism in Paracas National Reserve in cooperation with the Peruvian NGO ProNaturaleza. The project was part of The Nature Conservancy’s Program “Parks in Peril”.

Autor del artículo sobre la expedición de buceo en la laguna peruana Laguna de los Cóndores en los Andes, para la revista alemana de buceo Tauchen (publicado en Enero, 2001).

Autor del artículo sobre la misma expedición para la revista Americana de buceo Sport-diver.

Charla sobre ecoturismo para el personal de la Comisión para la Promoción del Perú (PromPeru).


Vida Silvestre, Lima, Peru (2000 – 2001 and 2005 – 2006)

General Manager of nonprofit travel agency, founded by the Peruvian NGO ProNaturaleza, dedicated to develop sustainable ecotourism projects with local and indigenous communities in the project areas of ProNaturaleza in Peru. Responsible for strategic and financial management of the firm and development of projects. Reported to the Board of Directors of ProNaturaleza.


  • Recreational diving around the Island Anapia in Lake Titicaca in cooperation with the Island’s indigenous community.
  • Recreational diving in combination with community tourism. Partnership with the indigenous community Llachon in Lake Titicaca.
  • Recreational diving together with the diving fishermen of Paracas National Reserve.
  • Nature tourism in the mangroves of northern Peru.
  • Trekking and high altitude diving in the northern cloud forest of Peru.
  • Nature and community tourism in the area of Iquitos.
  • Community and nature tourism with the indigenous community Huacaria near the Manu National Park in the southern Peruvian rainforest.
  • Jaguar-expeditions with native guides in the southern Peruvian rainforest near the Bolivian border.
  • Project Director for the “Evaluation of Ecotourism-Potential in the Area of the National Park Bahuaja Sonene.”
  • Project Director  for the “Evaluation of Ecotourism Potential in the Area of the National Park Yanachaga Chemillen and the area Oxapampa/Pozuzo.”


Autor del artículo sobre la expedición de buceo en la laguna peruana Laguna de los Cóndores en los Andes, para la revista alemana de buceo Tauchen (publicado en Enero, 2001).

Autor del artículo sobre la misma expedición para la revista Americana de buceo Sport-diver.

Speaker sobre ecoturismo para el personal de la Comisión para la Promoción del Perú (PromPeru).



Co-autor en la segunda edición del libro “Peru & Bolivien” (guía de viajes alemana) del editor alemán “Reise-Knowhow” (publicada en la primavera del 2000).

Artículo sobre Guacamayos en el Manú en la revista alemana “Terra”.


Inka Natura Travel, Lima, Peru (August 1998 – June 1999)

Non-profit travel agency, founded by the Peruvian NGO Peru Verde, dedicated to the protection of rainforest habitats by conservation through tourism.

Worked as Sales Manager (Responsible for the development of the German market clientele and new products), reported to the General Manager.

  • Representative of Inka Natura Travel at international tourism fairs: “boot1999”and “ITB1999”in Germany, the “World Tourism Mart 1999” in London and the “South American Travel Mart 1998”in Ecuador.
  • Market study on the German ecotourism-market.
  • Product development trips to the northern Peruvian cloud forest, Ecuador and Bolivia.
  • Design, pricing and sale of travel packages to German and Austrian clients.
  • Tourconductor for special groups in need of German speaking guide.

Diving Education

  • CMAS**-certification in the  “Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher
  • PADI-Divemaster DM-165692
  • PADI-Dry-Suit-Diver:  99010699
  • PADI-Rescue Diver: 97051751
  • DAN-Oxygen-Provider
  • Certified by the International Association for handicaped divers as diver assistant for people  with handicaps:  IAHD no: DP-669



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