Senior Executive; Diplom Biologist from Phillips University of Marburg, Germany; German national with permanent Peruvian residency, Fully trilingual (English-Spanish-German), as well as basic knowledge of french. Certified by the International Coaching Community (ICC) and working as freelance coach helping people to grow personally and profesionally; Executive Director of the Peruvian conservation NGO Mundo Azul with 32 years of experience in leadership positions in conservation and research. Executive Director of the Interamerican Institute for Integral Ecology, a Peruvian NGO specializing on eco-efficiancy and sustainabilitiy; 17 years of experience in eco-tourism development, management and guiding. Book author, film maker and artist. Download full curriculum    
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My environmental success stories and awards

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2016 – The Peruvian Ministry of Production prohibits the use of harpoons on fishing boats based on my reports about illegal dolphin killing in the peruvian shark fishing fleet. With this act the my work has led to the existence of a legal basis for an efective control of the illegal activity. Now its up to authorities to implement. 


2014 – An international coalition of 27 environmental NGOs awards me the title “International dolphin defender” for heroic action to save dolphins. 


2013 – Based on my undercover investigation proof was delivered that up to 15000 dolphins are killed each year illegally for bait in the peruvian shark fishing fleet. Such environmental atrocity was previously only known from rumours. 


2010 – Industrial port project of Santa Sofia Puertos S.A, Romero industrial group, threatening the bay of Ancón in Peru was stopped and bay was declared protected area


2010 – 28 Guano Islands and cliffs were declared National Reserve, protecting 90% of sea lion and marine bird breeding colonies, as well as 70% of Humboldt-Penguin colonies in Peru.


2009 – Seismic evaluation of submarine oil-reserves along the northern Peruvian coast by the Peruvian oil-company BPZ was stopped for one year and Environmental Impact Study had to be improved.


2005 – Environmental NGO ProNaturaleza was financially saved and refloated.


2004 – 10 illegal dolphin meat dealers were captured by police and brought to court.


2004 – Mundo Azul received environmental award “Cambie” in the category for marine conservation from the Scientific University of the South.


2003 – Mundo Azul received environmental award “Cambie” in the category for species conservation from the Scientific University of the South for its work on dolphin conservation.


1998 – Monkey laboratory of the University of Kassel was closed down and monkey research ended.


1994 to 1998: 4 of 7 German dolphinaria were closed down.


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