Senior Executive; Diplom Biologist from Phillips University of Marburg, Germany; German national with permanent Peruvian residency, Fully trilingual (English-Spanish-German), as well as basic knowledge of french. Certified by the International Coaching Community (ICC) and working as freelance coach helping people to grow personally and profesionally; Executive Director of the Peruvian conservation NGO Mundo Azul with 32 years of experience in leadership positions in conservation and research. Executive Director of the Interamerican Institute for Integral Ecology, a Peruvian NGO specializing on eco-efficiancy and sustainabilitiy; 17 years of experience in eco-tourism development, management and guiding. Book author, film maker and artist. Download full curriculum    
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My interviews

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Below you can find recordings as well as links to interviews given by me in different media and on a wide range of topics. In order to access the interviews please choose your topic of interest and click on the topic title. This will lead you to a list of interviews given on this topic.

Sustainable development and Ecoeficiency

In this section you can find interviews related good environmental practises of companies and governmental entities, as well as general comments on economic and sustainable development.

All interviews in this section are in spanish languange

Dolphin and bird mass mortality in northern Peru (2012)

Between february and april 2012 more than 800 dolphins (some say more than 3000) and several hundreds of pelicans died off the Peruvian coast. Due to the lack of capacity of the Peruvian governmental entities the reason for the die off could never be established. As representative of Mundo Azul I did critisize the Peruvian governments failure to investigate the mass mortality and to address the public health risks involved with hundreds of dead cetaceans rotting on the beaches. As a consequence of the desastrous handling  of the crisis, the Peruvian government decided in June 2012 to create an official monitoring and reaction network of public and private institutions in order to be better prepared for future events. Mundo Azul is participating as an oficial member in the network.

Most interviews in this section are in spanish language, a few are in english.

Dolphins of Peru

The interviews in this section report about dolphins and whales in Peru

All interviews in this section are in spanish language

Industrial port project in Ancón, Peru (2010)

In 2010 the Peruvian company Santa Sofía Puertos SA promoted an industrial port project in Ancón bay, located 40 km north of Lima. This project would have destroyed the bay and converted it into an industrial environment. It would have ment the end of the local tourism industry impacting about 40 % of the local workforce. After campaigning together with local stakeholders we could stop the port project. The bay was declared a protected area by the Peruvian congress.

All interviews in this section are in spanish language

Petroleum industry in Peru

This section contains a series of interviews on topics related to the Peruvian petroleum industry and sismic evaluations.

All interviews in this section are in spanish languange

Mixed topics

In this section you can find interviews about a number of environmental topics

All interviews in this section are in spanish languange

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