Senior Executive; Diplom Biologist from Phillips University of Marburg, Germany; German national with permanent Peruvian residency, Fully trilingual (English-Spanish-German), as well as basic knowledge of french. Certified by the International Coaching Community (ICC) and working as freelance coach helping people to grow personally and profesionally; Executive Director of the Peruvian conservation NGO Mundo Azul with 32 years of experience in leadership positions in conservation and research. Executive Director of the Interamerican Institute for Integral Ecology, a Peruvian NGO specializing on eco-efficiancy and sustainabilitiy; 17 years of experience in eco-tourism development, management and guiding. Book author, film maker and artist. Download full curriculum    
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Professional experience in science and nature conservation

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(MA) Worked as Executive Director for the Peruvian Conservation NGO Mundo Azul  since 1999 to present.

(IC) Worked as independent consultant

(PN) Worked as Executive Director of Peruvian Conservation NGO ProNaturaleza (2005-2006)

Peruvian Foundation for the Conservation of Nature – ProNaturaleza; Environmental NGO dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity by supporting the management and sustainable development of Peru’s natural protected areas – mainly working in the Peruvian rainforest.


(BMT) Worked as Senior Campaign Director for the German Humane Society “Bund gegen den Mißbrauch der Tiere e.V.” (1993-1997)

Humane Organization, founded in 1903, 35,000 members, seven animal shelters, one main office and ten local offices throughout Germany.

(O) President and Co-Founder of German Conservation NGO Oceania e.V. (1991 – 1994)

Environmental NGO, dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins and sharks and against dolphins in captivity.

(CP) Elected member for the party of the German Social Democrats (SPD) in the City-parliament of Hofgeismar, Germany (1992 – 1994)      

(GP-K) Co-founder and Local Coordinator of Greenpeace Supporter Group Kassel (1987-1993)

Local organization associated with Greenpeace, Germany e.V., dedicated to support the work of Greenpeace in Germany by local public campaigns, local actions and fundraising activities.

(GP) Assistant of Fisheries Campaigner at Greenpeace Germany Headquarters (1989)

(DPA) Co-Founder and President of German cetacean conservation group Delphin-Projekt Arion e.V. (1989 – 1991)

German grassroots organization, dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins.


Detailed List of Projects, Studies and Campaigns

(MA) 2015/16 – Production of an international documental about the illegal killing of dolphins in the Peruvian shark fisheries and promoting international campaign to resolve the problem. Preliminary result: The Peruvian Fisheries Ministry prohibeted in 2016 the use of harpoons on fishing boats. This way my work led to the legal basis based on which an effective control of ilegal activites would be possible. Now its up to authorities to act and implement the law.

(MA) 2015 – Critical analysis of the flawed Environmental Impact Study for the project of port modernization of the Port of Paracas which threatens the integrity of the National Reserve of Paracas and support for the local community in the defense of their environmental rights.

(MA) 2014- An international coalition of 27 NGOs awards me as “International Dolphin Defender” for “heroic action to defend dolphins”.

(MA) 2013 – My covered investigation delivers proof for the rumours reporting about the illegal killing of up to 15,000 dolphins as bait in the Peruvian shark fishing fleet.


(PhD) 2006 to 2012: Photo-ID-Study of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) between Lima and Paracas, central Peruvian coast

(MA) 2012Support of “Local Front for the Defense and Development of Chancay” campaign against the construction of multi-purpose industrial port in Chancay (ongoing)

(MA) 2012Support of campaign to defend public beach of Chepeconde against illegal privatization by Terasas Club

(MA) 2011 to 2012Scientific Monitoring of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and Peruvian diving petrel (Pelecanoides garnoti) for construction project of electric power plant by FENIX POWER S.A.

(MA) 2010 to 2011Leadership in campaign against the planned construction of industrial port project by Santa Sofia Puertos S.A. in Ancón, Peru (Santa Sofia Puertos S.A. belongs to Romero group = Peru’s biggest family owned industrial group)

Results:         The port project was stopped and the Bay of Ancón was declared “intangible) by a unanimous vote of all parties of the Peruvian Congress. Later the bay was declared a protected area (Category: Reserved Zone)

(MA) 2009Revision of the Environmental Impact Study on proposed seismic evaluation of submarine oil-resources by Peruvian oil-company BPZ, in support of the fisherman communities of Tumbes Region, Peru

Results:         The Environmental Impact Study of BPZ was declared unviable and seismic testing could not be implemented in 2009

(MA) December 2008 to May 2009, Study: “A first estimate of the population size of Tursiops truncatus along the central Peruvian coast”, Report elaborated for the Liquid Gas company PLNG S.R.

(IC) September to November 2008 – Report: “Identification of required capacities for the management of the proposed marine protected area National Reserve Guano Islands and cliffs by the national authority and recomendations for its organizational design.”, elaborated for Profonanpe                                                           

(MA)  April to July 2008 – Study: “Evaluation of the dolphin population (Tursiops truncatus) in the National Reserve of Paracas and development of monitoring plan and tourism plan” for National Institute for Natural Resources (INRENA)    

(IC) October 2007 to February 2008Scientific Team Leader of Marine Mammal Monitoring Program for Liquid Gas Port Development Project of PLNG S.R.L. , contracted by international consulting firm Golder Associates

(MA) December 2008 to June 2009 – Study: “Evaluation of the spatial and temporal behavior of Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Bay of Paracas”, elaborated for Conservation International with funding from CITI-Bank    

(MA) July 2008 to December 2008 – Study: “Evaluation of the spatial and temporal behavior of Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Bay of Paracas”, elaborated with funding from Inversiones Brade              

(IC) April  to May 2006 – Sonar Expert: Responsible for sonar survey of sunken archeological sites in the sediment of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, contracted by National Geographic   

(IC) 2006 to 2008Sonar-Expert for the search of sunken ships and lost equipment for the Peruvian marine search and salvage firm OMSA SAC in Callao, Peru

(MA) 2006 to 2007 – Project leader: “Development of sustainable dolphin- and marine bird watching tourism by Peruvian local fishermen, Pucusana”, Co-sponsored by the German Embassy in Peru and Nature Expeditions SAC. 

(MA) 2006 – Scientific team leader: “Baseline study of the marine biodiversity and the state of the marine environment of the Bay of Paracas and Ballestas Islands”, in Cooperation with the consulting firm “Instituto Peruano de Catastro”, contracted by OSINERGMIN (Governmental supervisory organization for the oil, gas and mining industry)

(MA) 2006 – Project leader: “Conservation of Bottlenose dolphins and sustainable whale watching development.” In cooperation with the Humane Society International, with funding from the US-State-Department (project included the training of police officers in environmental law, the implementation of police raids on illegal dolphin traders and the implementation of an international conference about whale watching tourism, as well as a publication on whale watching in cooperation with Erich Hoyt)                                            

(MA) 2006 – Project leader: “Promotion of sustainable dolphin watching as a new tourism product for Peru”, in cooperation with the Humane Society International and with funding from PromPeru (Peruvian tourism board)(project included three regional training seminars on whale and dolphin watching in Lima, Trujillo and Iquitos)

(MA) 2004 to 2005 – Member of the scientific advisory group for the Peruvian Foreign Affairs Ministry on issues concerning marine mammal and marine bird conservation and the International Whaling Commission.

(PN) 2004 to 2005 – Executive Director of ProNaturaleza, Lima, Peru

Legal representative of the NGO, being responsible for the financial management and fundraising of the organization, as well as restructuring the NGO and creation of new conservation initiatives. Reported to the Board of Directors. Working in Peru for twenty years the NGO had suffered an annual budget decline from more than $US 3 million to $US 2.4 million.

The main results of my management were:

  • Avoiding further financial decline by raising new funds and initiating self-sustainable conservation activities in natural resource use and tourism that would financially support the organization
  • Creating a volunteer system in order to strengthen the NGOs outreach
  • Reducing the organizational deficit within one year in 54 % by closure of unfunded programs, staff reduction and other measures
  • Resolving legal problems of the NGO
  • Creation of an internal fund for fringe costs and labor responsibilities, that managed to cover within one year about 60 % of the accumulated financial labor responsibilities.
  • Creation of updated manual on internal procedures.
  • Improving internal communication structures and staff involvement in decision making process.

(MA) 2004 – Leader: Campaign for the prohibition of deep sea trawling and protection of seamounts

(MA) 2004 – Study of local populations of bottlenose dolphins in the central Peruvian coast and photo-identification, sponsored by the British foundation “Marine Connection”

(MA) 2003 to 2005 – Leader: Campaign against the illegal slaughter of dolphins for human consumption in Peru.

(MA) 2004 – Scientific Team-leader: “Survey of coastal wetlands”, with funding from Conservation International, Peru

(MA) 2004 – Political lobbying campaign in order to secure Peru’s conservation position in the meeting of the International Whaling Commission in July 2004 in Italy, in cooperation with the Humane Society of the United States

(MA) 2003 to 2010 – Coordination of the National Consortium “BIOMAR” and Information campaign for the promotion of marine protected areas in Peru in cooperation with Conservation International, Peru and the National Institute for Natural Resources (INRENA)

Results:         The declaration of the protected area “National Reserve Guano Islands and Cliffs” = inclusion of 28 Guano Islands and Cliffs into a protected area giving protection to 90% of sea lion colonies, 70% of penguin colonies and nearly all guano-bird breeding colonies along the Peruvian coast

(MA) 2003 to 2004 – Scientific Team-leader: Study of the biological recuperation of the Bay of Paracas, in cooperation with Peruvian NGO ProNaturaleza and Funding from The Nature Conservancy

(MA) 2003 – Project–leader: Underwater clean-up and waste management in the local fishermen port of Pucusana, sponsored by “The New England Biolabs Foundation”

(MA) 2003 – Project-leader: Environmental education program in public schools of the fishing town of Pucusana, sponsored by “The marine Connection”.

(MA) 2003 – Scientific Team-leader: “Rapid Marine Biodiversity Assessment of the northern Peruvian coast”, Consultancy for The Nature Conservancy as part of the organizations’ eco-regional planning process

(IC) 2003 – Sonar Expert: “Sediment profiling in an archeological underwater exploration in the central Andes”, contracted by National Geographic

(MA) 2003 – Expedition-leader: First-ever diving expedition in the Peruvian rainforest, in National Park Yanachaga Chemillen See the expedition movies: Diving in the Peruvian rainforest Part 1Part 2

(MA) 2003 – Expedition-leader: Second Mundo Azul diving expedition to Lake Titicaca (3800 meters of altitude) See the expedition movie

(MA) 2002 – Expedition leader: First Mundo Azul diving expedition to Lake Titicaca (3800 meters of altitude)

(MA) 2002 – Participation in the Working Group for the development of the new management plan for the Paracas National Reserve.

(MA) 2002 – Project-Director: Environmental Education Program of Mundo Azul in public schools in Lima, with start-up funding from the PADI-Aware-Foundation.

(MA) 2002 – Scientific Team-leader: “Study on biodiversity and biomass of marine invertebrates in the bay Playa Mendieta in the Paracas National Reserve”, in cooperation with the Peruvian NGO ProNaturaleza. The project was part of The Nature Conservancy’s Program “Parks in Peril”.

(MA) 2000 – Expedition-leader: First ever diving in three lakes: Laguna de los Condores (2720 m. of altitude), Laguna Pomacochas (2100 m of altitude) and Laguna Azul (600 m of altitude), in cooperation with the National Institute of Culture of Peru, the Museum of Natural History in Lima and the German Association for Underwater Archeology (DEGUWA), sponsored by Peruvian private companies, the German company “Bauer-Kompressoren” and the German division of “Scubapro”.

(MA) 2000 – Project Director: “Micro-zonification of Paracas-Bay in Paracas National Reserve, Peru”, in cooperation with the Peruvian NGO ProNaturaleza and funding by the German Society for Technical Support (GTZ).

(MA) 2000 – Scientific Team-Leader: “Study of sub-marine habitats in selected areas in the Paracas National Reserve”, in cooperation with ProNaturaleza. The project was part of the Nature Conservancy’s Program “Parks in Peril”.

(MA) 2000 – Scientific Team-Leader: “Study of the distribution of fish-species in submarine habitats in selected areas of the National Reserve of Paracas”, in cooperation with ProNaturaleza. The project was part of the Nature Conservancy’s “Parks in Peril” Program.

(BMT) 1993 to 1997 – Senior Campaign Director:  Responsible for the strategic development and implementation of public campaigns, actions, international relations, and political lobbying and media campaigns.  Reported to the General Manager and the President.                                                                         


  • Creation and implementation of humane laws at the levels of the German Federal States and the European Union.
  • Political lobbying.
  • Strategic planning and implementation of national campaigns concerning marine topics, prohibition of captivity of wild animals and on international trade in wild species.
  • Campaign against monkey laboratory in the University of Kassel, Germany,

Result:            Monkey laboratory was closed down

  • Campaign against dolphin captivity.

Results:         During my time in the organization four of seven dolphinaria in Germany have been closed down     

(O) 1991 to 1994 – Founder and president. In charge of organizational development and the creation and implementation of public campaigns.


  • Campaign against spear-fishing in the Mediterranean in cooperation with German diving Associations, Spanish diving basis and sport divers.
  • Public campaign against dolphins in captivity.
  • Public campaign against whaling.
  • Development of an environmental education program in German schools.
  • Interviews in all media; published articles in newspapers and magazines.

(CP) 1992 to 1994 – Elected member of the city-parliament of the city of Hofgeismar

Specialised on environmental topics in the city: Waste recycling systems, Speed reduction for cars in order to reduce gas emissions, improvement of city-parks

(GP-K) 1987 to 1993, Cofounder and Local Coordinator of the Group, Reported to the Campaign Directors in the headquarters of Greenpeace, Germany e.V.


  • Coordinator of local public relations.                                          
  • Spokesperson for whaling, international trade in endangered species, ozone depletion, climate change  and toxic waste issues.
  • Coordinator of local Greenpeace actions.

(GP) 1989 Worked as an assistant to the Greenpeace Fisheries Campaign Director in the headquarters of Greenpeace, Germany e.V. in Hamburg.


  • Provided assistance to the Campaign Director.
  • Report on the development of the German fisheries-fleet after reunion of eastern and western Germany and consequences for the environment.
  • Report on ecological consequences of certain fisheries techniques in the North-Sea.

(DPA) 1989 to 1991 – Founder and President, worked on the protection of whales and dolphins.


  • Organized and implemented public campaigns and non-violent actions against dolphins in captivity and driftnet-fisheries.
  • Interviews in all media.
  • Published articles in newspapers and magazines.

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